bring-window.jl is extension code for the sawmill window manager. With bring-window you can "pull" any of your managed windows to your current pointer location, and then when you're done return it to its original location. This is very useful if you operate with several viewports. (Like me.)

It currently doesn't do workspaces - I only use viewports - but I'll work on that real quick. (Also taking patches.)


Place the bring-window.jl file somewhere in your sawmill load-path. Put (require 'bring-window) in your .sawmillrc, reload it, then go to sawmill's "Bindings" menu and bind "Popup bring window list" and "Bring window undo" to your chosen keys.

"Popup bring window list" (the function popup-bring-window-list) brings up a menu of your managed windows. The window you select from the menu will reappear under your pointer. Hitting the key for "Bring window undo" (bring-window-undo) will return the most recently brought window to its previous location.

bring-window.jl also provides the function bring-window-to-pointer which takes a window name or window object as its argument and brings it to the pointer.

Maintained by Adrian Hosey

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